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Global Inspire Group is the leading wholesale distributor of Chain Link Fencing products in Qatar . Chain Link Fence products is Galvanized and PVC finishes, using high speed double spiral weaving machines with latest Touch-screen setting and diagnostic technology, assuring consistent quality, adherence to specifications and repeatability which assures smooth fence line and meticulous control over height of the fence, over thousands of linear meters. Color of fabric can be Galvanized, Green, and Beige which are available ex-stock, while grey and black can be manufactured against specific orders and will have delivery period depending on quantity. ULTRA Fence is a permanent high security fence for providing long term Permanent high security fence for application in Prisons, Army and Air force camps or installations at high sensitivity, Airports, Oil and Gas field installations, Boundary fence at borders with neighboring countries, water desalination plants, Power plants, Ports, Palaces and diplomatic offices, compounds and residences.